CEO Message

CEO Message


As we begin our 21st year of service to Hawaii’s workers’ compensation market – indeed, our third decade of helping Hawaii employers run safer and more productive businesses — we at HEMIC find ourselves as passionate as ever in our mission to deliver the highest quality service at a competitive price. Our commitment to service excellence is not merely a mission statement or marketing campaign, but rather is exemplified in very tangible actions intended to serve you better every day.

We have implemented new, modern operating systems that have streamlined our underwriting, claim and billing processes so that our service to you will be both faster and more personalized. We have challenged ourselves to take our service standards up a notch, committing to even greater responsiveness and higher levels of service delivery.

In order to perform better, we know we need to continuously be better. So this year we have initiated front-line leadership training for our staff, empowering them to deliver superior service as the opportunity arises, in real time. Such efforts embody our core values and uphold our kuleana to Hawaii’s businesses, their employees and our community.

As Hawaii’s only mutual insurance company, our goals are aligned with those of our policyholders, who are both our customers and our owners. We pursue innovation to address the evolving nature of their businesses. Our programs and services are tailored to actual trends within our policyholders’ individual performance. And we are committed to sharing our collective success through the distribution of policyholder dividends.

We recently introduced two new TV spots in our “No worries” advertising campaign that humorously illustrate our message, “You have enough to worry about with your business. Let HEMIC worry about your workers’ comp insurance.” We hope you enjoy them. Further, we are proud to announce that last year’s more serious ad, “Construction Worker” — which depicted what HEMIC really does: help get injured workers back to work, and back to life — won this year’s People’s Choice Award in Hawaii advertising. Thank you for acknowledging how seriously we take our responsibilities.

We remain committed to serving Hawaii’s businesses and their employees each and every day with excellence, professionalism and integrity — the three core values that inspire and guide us in our mission to improve workplace safety, deter fraud, and help workers get back to productive capacity.

Mahalo nui,

Martin J. Welch
Chief Executive Officer