CEO Message

CEO Message


Each day at HEMIC we honor the earnest efforts of Hawai’i’s workers by dedicating our own work to improving the safety of Hawai’i’s workplaces and getting injured workers back to work – and back to life.

As Hawai’i’s largest workers’ compensation carrier, we are a champion of Hawai’i’s workers, serving over 75,000 workers with our specialty programs:

  • Because the best workplace is a safe one, our Safety and Risk Management specialists consult with policyholders to provide worksite evaluations, safety training and more. We work to prevent injuries before they happen.
  • Because the key to recovery is appropriate care, our Claim Specialists work with expert case managers and medical professionals to ensure that injured workers receive timely and appropriate medical care.
  • Because there is more to work than a paycheck, our Return-to-Work program helps workers get back on their feet in a productive capacity. The ability to work brings pride in doing our work well, satisfaction in supporting oneself and one’s family, and the enjoyment of connecting and collaborating with others in the workplace.

At HEMIC, we are proud to work for the people of Hawai’i. Hawai’i’s workers are the backbone of our communities and our beautiful state. They are the vital force that makes our Aloha State great.

This Labor Day, please join us in celebrating and supporting Hawai’i’s workforce. Hawai’i is stronger when we are working.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday,

Mahalo nui,

Martin J. Welch
Chief Executive Officer