About Us

Our Mission

Where kuleana shapes our actions, HEMIC’s mission communicates our promise to Hawaii.

Our mission provides the blueprint to guide our actions and measure our success. It also does much more: HEMIC’s mission defines us as a company with higher responsibilities than profitability and good corporate citizenship. It expands our measure of success to include stabilizing the workers’ compensation system in Hawaii and, in doing so, aligns our goals with the goals and aspirations of the community. It gives voice to our kuleana.

Our mission compels us to deliver on five key promises:

  1.  To stabilize the Hawaii workers’ compensation marketplace
  2.  To assure the availability of workers’ compensation insurance for everyone
  3.  To make workplaces safer
  4.  To provide competitive rates and services
  5.  To deter fraud

Because of these promises, we settle for nothing less than being the model provider of workers’ compensation insurance in the State of Hawaii.

We are the leader in workplace safety. We educate, support, advocate and champion safe workplaces. Healthy and productive workers are the backbone of any company, and productive and successful companies are the backbone of a robust economy.

We were founded with a long-term vision to provide stability and security for the Hawaii marketplace. Our mission means that we can be counted on to remain here in Hawaii, to fulfill our future obligations.

As a local company, we appreciate that the people we insure are our neighbors, our friends, and our families. As our track record over the years shows, we take our professional responsibility personally.