Our Services

It is not enough for us to be a safe choice, or even a reliable one. We intend to be the best choice.

Whether you need local underwriting, claims management, safety and loss prevention, medical case management, or someone who’s tough on fraud, you can count on HEMIC to deliver.

HEMIC is a local company.
Our underwriters are local.
Our claims operation is local.
Our safety and loss prevention consultants are local.
Our medical case management services are local. When it comes to insuring Hawaii, we get it – as only locals can.

The way we see it, the best claim is the one that never happens in the first place.

So we partner with you to identify and solve workplace issues before they have a chance to become problems.
Nobody offers a more extensive list of workplace safety services, safety videos, safety program templates, safety seminars, and a wealth of other educational and training material – all free to our policyholders.

In fact, all the educational and training information you need is right here on our website and accessible to you whenever you need it.
And when you need us for an on-site workplace safety consultation or safety assessments, we are just a phone call away.

But workplace injuries do happen.
And employees are the backbone of your client’s business.
That is why we work so hard to help injured workers recover and return to work.
Employees need to be healthy, businesses need to be productive and medical providers need to be free from needless paperwork.

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that those valued employees, and Hawaii’s economy, keep moving.


We can help.
Our subsidiary company, HIMI, provides third-party claims administration as well as other fee-based services including third party loss valuation, claims adjusting and premium auditing.
For a complete list of HIMI’s services, click here.

Together, we can keep safety up and costs down. Please call (808) 524-3642 or request assistance by contacting us