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Upcoming Safety Seminars
• What to Expect During a HIOSH Inspection. A representative from the HIOSH consultation branch will discuss the changes happening with HIOSH, common violations, what you can do to prepare for a HIOSH inspection, and the services offered by the HIOSH Consultation & Training Branch.

• OSHA Recordkeeping. Many employers with more than 10 employees, including seasonal and part-time workers, are required to keep a record of serious work-related injuries and illnesses. We will discuss who needs to participate in the recordkeeping rules, NAICS industry codes, how OSHA defines a recordable injury or illness, how OSHA defines first aid, and much more.

Seminar dates and locations are:
• Maui, 8/7/17, Maui Arts & Cultural Center
• Kauai, 8/14/17, Hilton Gardens
• Hilo, 8/21/17, Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
• Oahu, 8/24/17, Dole Cannery Pomaikai Ballroom
• Kona, 8/28/17, Queen’s Marketplace Waikoloa

HEMIC’s Safety & Risk Management professionals lead seminars throughout the year on safety topics important to all types of businesses and industries — from the return-to-work process to office and worksite safety protocols.

During these seminars, HEMIC’s Safety & Risk Management experts are on-hand for one-on-one sessions to answer your safety-related questions or assist with your personalized safety programs.

To request a seminar on a particular topic, please contact us.