Injured Workers

Employee & Employer Roles

Below outlines the employer & employee roles in the event of a workplace injury. To learn more about the Hawaii State Workers’ Compensation Law please click here.

Employee Roles

If you are injured on the job, you can help yourself achieve the best outcome by doing the following:

1. Report your injury to your supervisor immediately.

Prompt reporting of any injury will ensure that you get proper medical attention.

2. Work as a team with your HEMIC claim representative, your employer and your medical providers.

We believe the best recovery is achieved when you are actively involved in your care and committed to getting better. We believe in open communication and we want to help you. Your claim representative is here to support you, to explain your benefits and to assist with the overall claim process. Open communication will help you understand what is going on so that you can feel comfortable with the process.

3. Stay in touch with your employer.

Your employer is genuinely interested in your recovery and will need your cooperation in keeping them informed. Providing them with regular updates on your recovery will help your employer meet their scheduling needs. Your efforts will help create a positive environment when you return to work.

Employer Roles

Employers help achieve the best outcomes by doing the following:

1. Report injuries to HEMIC as soon as possible.

2. Work as a team with the injured worker, claim specialist, agent, medical case manager, and medical provider.

3. Keep in positive contact with the injured worker.

4. Develop a “Return-to-Work Light Duty Program.”