About Us

Our Mission & Values

HEMIC’s vision and mission communicate our promise to Hawai`i. They guide our actions and measure our success. They define us as a company with higher responsibilities than just profitability and good corporate citizenship.

Our vision:  We aspire to be a model provider of workers’ compensation insurance

Our mission:  To stabilize Hawai`i’s workers’ compensation marketplace and ensure the availability of workers’ compensation insurance for everyone, to provide competitive rates and services,  make workplaces safer, and deter fraud.

Our core values inspire and guide is in our day-to-day work:

  • Excellence: We pursue world-class quality in everything we do and continuously raise the bar.
  • Integrity: We do the right thing. Always.
  • Connection: We bet on our people every time and trust they’ll thrive in an environment that values relationships over transactions.
  • Belief: We believe in ourselves. We believe in each other. And we believe that what we do matters.

Kupu a`e – “To Grow Forth”

As a local company, HEMIC is rooted in Native Hawaiian values. In honor of HEMIC’s 20th anniversary, we commissioned a painting from master tatau practitioner, Keone Nunes, to tell the story of HEMIC’s Hawaiian cultural identity:

Kupu a`e – To Grow Forth”

keone artwork

The ti leaf, used in Native Hawaiian ceremony to protect, cleanse and return to life, forms the center of the piece. The white Koa`e`ula represents a symbol of rank — ali`i — and its movement toward the sun represents the pursuit of cherished goals. This sea bird takes great care in protecting and providing for its family. The triangular patterns — the nihoniho — are protective designs, illustrating HEMIC’s role as an insurer, protecting our clients and ensuring their safety.