About Us

Our Policyholders

Our policyholders are more than just customers — they are our owners as well.

As a mutual insurance company, we are owned and governed by our policyholders. This means our corporate goals are directly aligned with their best interests. Our Board of Directors is comprised of policyholders, holding us accountable to the businesses we serve.

All our policyholders have equal voting rights and benefits. No matter how big or small, no matter what the industry or level of risk, each policyholder has a vote and enjoys the same benefits and services.

Our success is mutual. When our policyholders in create safer workplaces, we all succeed. And we share in that success in the form of policyholder dividends. HEMIC has returned over $38 million in dividends to our policyholders over the past thirteen years. In recent years, over 80% of HEMIC’s policyholders have received annual dividends averaging 8-9% of their annual premium. We are the only Hawai`i carrier with a dividend plan.

Partnership is in our DNA.  As a mutual we are, by definition, partners. Partners in safety, partners in account management, and partners securing timely, effective care for injured workers and helping them return to productive capacity. As partners, we’re committed to long-term relationships, to helping our policyholders and their workers improve their workplaces, their efficacy and efficiency, and their bottom line.

We strive to provide superior, personalized service to our policyholders because we know that the customers we serve are our community — our family, friends and neighbors.