Approach to Workers’ Compensation

When we launched HEMIC, we were on a mission to provide workers’ compensation coverage for the highest-risk businesses in Hawai`i. Though we’ve grown over the past 20 years into a competitive, top-tier workers’ compensation provider, we remain just as committed to providing excellent workplace protection for every business owner in Hawai`i, regardless of size or industry.

HEMIC provides coverage for workers’ compensation in the State of Hawai`i, with Employers’ Liability limits up to $1,000,000.  As an extension to that coverage, HEMIC will provide USL&H on an incidental basis (10% or less). Larger USL&H and other maritime coverage needs can be met through HIMI’s marine program.

The agents who work with us know that they can expect competitive pricing, cutting edge technology, and extraordinary customer service throughout the sales process and duration of each policy.

Our unique approach to workers’ compensation is just one of the reasons we stand out in the Hawaii insurance landscape:

  • We price to fit the risk. HEMIC’s tiered rating plan provides optimal pricing for well-performing businesses. We also enjoy working with customers who require extra help creating a sound safety or claims program to improve workplace practices and exit the highest-risk rating tier.
  • We believe in encouraging and rewarding good workplace safety for every policyholder, not just the ones with the biggest premiums. Our experienced safety team works hand-in-hand with customers to create custom safety programs. The HEMIC Safety Credit Program offers discounts to policyholders with formal safety plans, return-to-work programs, and drug-free workplaces.
  • We audit annually. All policies are subject to an annual premium audit to verify factors that might call for a premium adjustment.
  • With `AePay, clients can easily report payroll and pay as they go. `AePay integrates with payroll services like ADP and QuickBooks, with premium payments automatically deducted from the policyholder’s bank account based on actual payroll wages, minimizing audit variances at the end of the year. No down payment or deposit is required.

We welcome your submissions. A complete submission contains:

  • Acord 130 workers’ compensation application with detailed description of the employers’ operation.
  • Four-year premium and payroll history (current policy year plus the three prior policy years).
  • Loss runs for the current policy year and three prior policy years. If there are no losses, a letter from the prior carrier will suffice.
  • The current NCCI experience modification worksheet, if applicable.
  • Supplemental applications may be required for certain operations and will be provided as needed.

Contact our underwriting team at 208-8200 to learn more.