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Keep Going: The Strength and Resilience of Hawai`i’s Workers

Hawai`i’s workers are the backbone of our community. As our islands move forward on the road to recovery, we appreciate the strength, perseverance and resilience of Hawai`i’s workers.

HEMIC Announces New COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Premium Relief Program

As Hawai`i begins the road to recovery, workers’ compensation carrier HEMIC announces a new financial relief program to help Hawai`i businesses. HEMIC’s COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Premium Relief Program will provide $2 million dollars in financial relief to HEMIC policyholders, in the form of a premium credit. All HEMIC policyholders automatically qualify for this program. “We hope this $2 million program will help provide immediate relief at a time when it is needed most, will help business owners recover, and in turn, will support Hawai`i’s overall economic recovery.”... Read More

New “Passport” App for Employers: Transition Your Workers Back Safely

As Hawai`i is taking careful steps to recover from COVID-19, HEMIC has begun to transition our employees back into the office. We developed a mobile app called “Passport” to facilitate our employees’ safe return to a healthy workplace. Since it is working well for us, we’d like to share it with you. The Passport App helps employers confirm that each worker is symptom-free prior to entering the workplace each day or shift. The app is simple, easy and confidential. Here’s how it works: The employee opens the app before reporting to work and takes a short survey about COVID-19 symptoms. Their status is... Read More

HEMIC Walks This Way to Cure Arthritis

HEMIC is proud to sponsor the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk to Cure Arthritis 2020. This flagship event honors the 54 million Americans who battle arthritis and it raises funds for research, resources and a cure. While one in five people in the workplace suffer from arthritis, arthritis affects keiki too. Arthritis won’t end without our support, so at HEMIC we walk for a cure. The theme of this year’s Walk is  “Give $54, Tell 54, Move 54”. Each $54 donation makes an impact and by telling 54 people we can help spread the word. Moving for 54 is easy and fun,... Read More