Workers' Compensation Insurance

At HEMIC we embrace a spirit of excellence. It is not enough for us to be a safe choice, or even a reliable one. We strive to be the best choice.

We specialize in workers’ compensation insurance. We provide coverage for workers’ compensation in the State of Hawaii, with Employers’ Liability limits up to $1,000,000.  As an extension to that coverage, HEMIC will provide USL&H on an incidental basis (10% or less). If you have larger USL&H and other maritime coverage needs, our subsidiary, HIMI has a marine program to provide these coverages.

We believe in rewarding good safety practices. Our Safety Credit Program offers discounts to policyholders with formal safety plans, return-to-work programs, and drug-free workplaces. We can work with you and your agent to develop these programs if you don’t have them already.

We price to fit the risk. HEMIC’s tiered rating plan provides optimal pricing for well-performing businesses. If you have a poor loss history or who refuse to implement reasonable safety and claims practices may be subject to the high-risk rating tier.

We audit annually. All policies are subject to an annual premium audit to verify factors that might call for a premium adjustment. When your policy expires, HEMIC will review the final payroll records to determine final earned premium.

With `AePay, you can report payroll and pay as you go. `AePay integrates with payroll services like ADP and QuickBooks, and payments are automatically deducted from their bank account, making it easy for you. No down payment or deposit is required. And, since premiums are calculated and paid on actual payroll wages at each payroll cycle, audit variances at the end of the year are minimized.

Self-insured? We can help. Our subsidiary company, HIMI, provides third-party claims administration as well as other fee-based services including third-party loss valuation, claims adjusting and premium auditing.

Together, we can keep safety up and costs down. Call us at (808) 524-3642 or request assistance by email.