Fraud hurts everyone. It adds unfair costs to the system, which hurts honest employers and employees by increasing the overall costs of insurance for everyone. Fraud is also a crime: fraudulent activity that exceeds $2,000 is a felony.

Common types of worker fraud are:

  • Filing a claim for an injury that occurred off-the-job
  • Faking an injury
  • Exaggerating symptoms
  • Malingering

Common types of employer fraud are:

  • Not reporting cash payrolls
  • Misclassifying, misrepresenting or hiding payroll
  • Manipulating the experience rating system

Fraud Hotline

If you suspect anyone of fraud, report it. Fraud tips may remain anonymous.

  • On Oahu: 522-5279
  • Neighbor Islands Toll Free: 1- 888-522-5295