Medical Providers

Treating CBWC Patients

100117Medical providers treating injured workers who are covered by collectively bargained workers’ compensation (CBWC) must comply with the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), an evidence-based guide for the treatment of work-related injuries. ODG was selected by Labor and Management for the existing CBWC programs in the State of Hawaii to provide quality medical care through evidence-based medicine.

ODG provides treatment and lost time guidelines for medical providers using actual experience data from federal government databases. ODG is based on actual reported data from the annual CDC National Health Interview Survey, the BLS Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, and over 2 million medical records from actual workers’ compensation claims.

Use of evidence-based medical guidelines improves outcomes and employee satisfaction by focusing on restoring the injured worker to functional capacity through prompt, responsible healthcare based on the best medical evidence. It helps medical providers make plans to get injured workers back on their feet more quickly, safely, easily and effectively.