HONOLULU, HI – Hawaii’s largest workers’ compensation insurance provider has launched a new, automated pay-as-you-go solution to save employers money and time. ‘AePay, which means “Yes Pay” in Hawaiian, enables businesses to pay their workers’ compensation insurance based on actual payroll during payment periods, instead of the traditional estimated payroll with down payments or deposits.

“As an innovator in workers’ compensation insurance, we are always looking for ways to better serve our policyholders,” says Martin Welch, CEO of HEMIC.

“Smart systems like ‘AePay help in multiple ways. ‘AePay reduces the hassle of reporting and payments, which frees employers up to concentrate on what they do best – running their business. ‘AePay also helps our employers’ bottom line by saving money, improving cash flow and reducing the chances of adjustment payments, because premiums are paid at each pay period based on actual payroll.”

‘AePay is the first and currently only workers’ compensation program in the state with all the following benefits:

  • Improved cash flow: No down payment or deposit required. Smaller premium payments paid in real-time based on actual payroll.
  • Automation: ‘AePay takes payroll reports directly from employers or a third-party payroll service, such as Ceridian and Intuit. Then, premium payments are automatically deducted from the employer’s bank account.
  • More accurate premiums: End-of-year audit variances are minimized since premiums are calculated and paid on actual payroll wages, at each payroll cycle.
  • 24/7 access: Employers can view payroll and premium reports anytime with their online account.
  • Open Eligibility: All HEMIC policyholders are eligible upon initiating or renewing their policy.


HEMIC (Hawai‘i Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company) is the State of Hawaii’s leading workers’ compensation insurer, taking care of over 6,000 businesses and 75,000 workers across the Hawaiian Islands. Rated “A” for financial strength by A.M. Best, HEMIC is a mutual insurance company and has returned over $25 million in dividends to its policyholders in the past nine years. An expert in safety and loss prevention, HEMIC helps employers prevent workplace injuries as well as care for them. Hemic.com