Uplifting spot depicts how company helps return injured workers to productive lives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — January 24, 2017

HONOLULU — As head of Hawaii’s leading workers’ compensation company, HEMIC CEO Marty Welch is passionate about sharing with people that the company’s true mission is more than selling insurance, paying medical bills or providing an income replacement benefit for individuals sidelined from their workplace because of an injury.

“Those may be our day-to-day tasks and what most people think of when they hear our name HEMIC,” Welch said. “However, what we truly do is help employers run safe and productive businesses while helping their injured employees get back to work. It’s really about returning people to their productive capacity and their livelihood. That’s what we do.”

To bring to life and articulate HEMIC’s holistic approach to getting people back on their feet physically, emotionally, socially and financially following an injury, the company worked with its advertising firm, Anthology Marketing Group, to create a special 90-second TV commercial for its 20th anniversary that will air on all evening news programs of KHON, KITV, KHNL and KGMB beginning on Wednesday, January 25. A shorter, 60-second edit of the spot will also air during the Super Bowl on February 5.

The commercial opens before sunrise as a construction worker leaves his home and steps into a coworker’s truck to head to work. Through their dialogue, the viewer learns that this is the construction worker’s first day back on the job in some time after recovering from an unspecified job-related injury. He is nervous and tentative about returning to the worksite and his work. His friend, the driver of the truck, attempts to calm his nerves, assuring him that he is ready and to trust that everything will be all right. What happens when they arrive at the job site communicates a powerful message about the camaraderie offered by one’s work ‘ohana, and the importance of work and — getting back to work — to one’s physical and mental wellbeing, especially in the wake of a traumatic on-the-job injury and recovery.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, HEMIC wanted to create something different from its usual humorous approach to its television ads. After consulting with its creative and advertising teams, the company decided to take a more emotional approach to showcasing the core mission and values behind its work.

“Replacing someone’s income is the easy part. That’s just numbers,” Welch added. “But getting injured people back to work is all about making them whole again, putting their lives back together, helping them regain their self-worth, and helping them feel worthy again. I feel the team did a great job in communicating that in this new spot and even I have a hard time holding back tears when I watch it.”

HEMIC, the Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, Inc., is a private, mutual company enabled by an act of the Hawaii State Legislature in 1996 to provide an innovative solution to stabilize the workers’ compensation system in Hawaii. A year later, HEMIC hired its first CEO, sold its first policy and paid its first claim. Today, HEMIC serves more than 6,000 Hawaii businesses and 75,000 workers and is owned in full by its policyholders. In addition to serving its customers, HEMIC believes its kuleana is to advocate for a healthy economic environment and to promote Hawaii’s strength and vitality, so all businesses in the Islands can thrive.

Watch HEMIC’s 20th Anniversary Commercial

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HEMIC is the State of Hawai‘i’s leading workers’ compensation insurance company, caring for more than 6,000 businesses and 75,000 workers across the Hawaiian Islands. Rated “A” for financial strength by A.M. Best, HEMIC is a mutual insurance company and has returned more than $28 million dollars in dividends to its policyholders over the past ten years. An expert in safety, HEMIC helps employers prevent workplace injuries as well as care for injured workers. www.HEMIC.com