Pharmacy Program

HEMIC has partnered with myMatrixx / ExpressScripts to provide a pharmacy program to help speed employees’ recovery and assist in their timely return to work.

This program makes it simple, easy and convenient for injured workers to fill prescriptions with no out-of-pocket cost — so they can get the medication they need, when they need it, to treat their injury and aid in their recovery.

The myMatrixx pharmacy program also helps to ensure that all medications prescribed go through the customary safety checks provided by a pharmacy. An employee may see multiple doctors who each prescribe medications. This program provides vital oversight to protect against unsafe drug interactions.

How It Works

A myMatrixx / ExpressScripts Workers’ Compensation Prescription ID card is mailed directly to the injured worker. When picking up any prescriptions for the work-related injury, present this card to the pharmacy and the costs of the medication will be covered.

ExpressScripts has a broad pharmacy network, including 24-hour pharmacies.

ExpressScripts will also provide home delivery from the ExpressScripts Pharmacy. To help transfer prescriptions for home delivery, call ExpressScripts at (800) 945-5951.