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CEO Message


Each year, as summer vacations draw to a close, we welcome the Labor Day holiday. This special day in our nation recognizes the efforts of all workers who show up every day, work hard, and keep our communities running. Labor Day honors the dignity, discipline and value of work.

In Hawai`i, our working community is a rich resource of builders, providers, implementers, and innovators. Our workers are not only keeping the lights on, but finding new ways to power them. We are a unique island community, steeped in local culture while also reaching across the Pacific to mainland and international markets.

For Labor Day, we take this opportunity to celebrate the importance of work and honor the people who do it. Hawai`i’s workers are the backbone of our families, our community, and our economy.

At HEMIC, we are a local company with a mission to keep this backbone strong. We understand the full impact to workers, their families and their employers when an injury or illness disrupts “work as usual”. Therefore, our work at HEMIC is dedicated to supporting and providing solutions that help workers get back to work – and back to life – when such events occur.

This year, we are proud to expand our support and solutions with a new, wholly owned subsidiary:  Employers’ Protective Insurance Company (EPIC). EPIC’s first offering is Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) for off-the-job injuries and illnesses. TDI is a natural complement and outgrowth of HEMIC’s mission to take care of Hawai`i’s businesses and workers. Now, through both companies, we can cover workers’ and employers’ needs 24/7, both on-the job and off. EPIC also represents a further strengthening of the HEMIC enterprise, helping to ensure our long-term stability through strategic diversification — so that we can keep our promises to workers today, tomorrow, and for as long as they need us.


Martin J. Welch
Chief Executive Officer