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CEO Message


As we gradually emerge from our COVID-19 world of the past year and a half, I continue to be inspired by the strength and resilience of our community. We have not allowed this crisis to overcome us but, rather, have found new ways to improve ourselves and our organizations moving forward.

At HEMIC, a major milestone in this improvement was our recent move into a new corporate headquarters. The HEMIC Tower – as we are proud to call it — represents an exciting and important step in our growth, intended to bring our family of companies together, strengthen our relationships, and promote innovation. Designed on a foundation of authentic Hawaiian culture, values, and sense of place, our new home was created to be a modern, 21st Century workspace that engages our staff and our customers alike.

This building is not simply an address change — it embodies our core values and our mission to keep Hawaii businesses safe and productive, not just today, but for decades to come.  It represents a commitment to new ways of working, empowering our employees and delivering on our promises to our customers even as their businesses and marketplace change.

Throughout 2021, we have found new ways of partnering, servicing agents, and supporting policyholders and their workforce:

Our new Nurse Triage Program provides immediate contact when an injury occurs on the job. Our nurses draw on expertise and evidence-based protocols to assess the work-related injury and provide recommendations for next steps, preventing delays in treatment and helping to ensure timely and appropriate care. This service will improve outcomes for employers and their employees and is free-of-charge to policyholders.

HEMIC’s Large Deductible Program is now available for employers who have the financial capacity to self-insure a portion of their workers’ compensation losses while still benefiting from HEMIC’s best-in-class claims, safety and risk management expertise. A large deductible program provides employers with more control over their workers’ compensation exposures and a greater incentive for risk management and loss prevention, resulting in lower overall workers’ compensation costs.

The HEMIC Foundation has had a busy first year supporting important causes, including the Arthritis Foundation Hawaii, the American Heart Association, Goodwill Hawaii, and many more. This year, we are excited to return to the fairways for our annual charity golf tournament. Proceeds will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawai‘i, an organization dedicated to helping children who have faced adversity in their young lives reach their full potential. The HEMIC Foundation was created in 2020 to formalize and deepen our organization’s support of charitable efforts throughout the islands.

As our economy continues to recover, and we embrace our post-pandemic lives and livelihoods with renewed hope, I am confident that HEMIC is stronger, and better positioned, to ensure your business remains safe and productive.
Mahalo Nui, 

Martin J. Welch
Chief Executive Officer