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HEMIC Workers’ Compensation

What It Means To Be a Mutual

As a mutual insurance company, we are different: We are owned by our policyholder members. As a result, our corporate goals are inherently aligned with their best interests – partnership is in our DNA. When we work together with our policyholders to create safer workplaces and effectively care for injured workers, our success is mutual.

We consider safety a top priority and encourage it with our Safety Credit Program. Policyholders can receive up to 13% premium credit (up to 18% for construction risks) when they demonstrate best practices such as a written safety program, a drug-free workplace, a return-to-work program and other initiatives that help to create a culture of safety.

With our Dividend Program, policyholders who demonstrate good performance and loyalty can reap the benefits of this in the form of dividends. It is a stated goal of HEMIC's Board of Directors to distribute dividends each year, and we have done so since our first dividend was issued in 2007.

As of 2023's dividend, HEMIC has returned more than $48 million in dividends to our policyholders and has provided more than $10.8 million in dividends and COVID Premium Relief since the beginning of the pandemic. We are the only local Hawai‘i carrier with a dividend plan. 

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