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Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)

What is TDI?

Protecting Hawai‘i’s workers beyond the workplace.

TDI is a state-mandated wage replacement program that pays benefits to partially replace loss of wages due to off-the-job sickness or injury. As a complement to Worker’s Compensation insurance, TDI ensures that workers are protected both on and off the job site. It provides financial support to eligible employees during times of need. With few exceptions, all employers in Hawaiʻi with one or more employees are required to provide TDI as part of their disability benefits package.

Employee Advantages

  • Provides reliable source of income in the event of off-the-job sickness, injury, or pregnancy.

Employer Advantages

  • Satisfies State of Hawai‘i requirement for TDI.
  • Fulfills moral and social obligations to help replace lost wages.
  • Positively affects employee morale.

Statutory Plan Benefits

  • Pays up to 58% of average weekly wages rounded to the next higher dollar up to the maximum set annually by the state.
  • Benefits payable from the eighth day of disability.
  • Maximum 26 weeks of benefit during the benefit year.

Coverage Eligibility

  • Must be totally disabled.
  • Applies to non-work related injury or illness.
  • Disability must be certified.
  • Employee must be in current employment before the date of injury or illness or if separated from his or her job within two weeks of separation date.
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File TDI Claims Online: Fast, Easy, Convenient.

Temporary Disability claims happen outside the workplace and after working hours. So, the ability to file TDI claims should too. Our online tool makes it easy for employees and employers to file claims. EPIC will generate the TDI-45 form for them:

  • 24/7 convenience
  • Simple, online form is easy to use
  • Log in by phone, tablet or computer
  • Employees, employers and physicians can submit their parts independently

At EPIC, we know that timing is everything: When an employee experiences disability, every day counts. Our Claim Specialists proactively assist in the claim filing process to ensure that the TDI claim form is completed by all parties and submitted promptly. As a result, qualifying claims are paid quickly.

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“TDI is required by state law but all TDI carriers are NOT equal. My recent experiences with EPIC have been fantastic. They are responsive, look for ways to complete the process and the policy is easier for clients to understand.”

Jim McAluney

John H. Connors (JHC) Insurance
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