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The HEMIC Family of Companies

The New HEMIC Tower

The HEMIC Tower

In the summer of 2021, our family of companies moved into the new HEMIC building at 915 Fort Street Mall. 

The HEMIC Tower is an exciting and important step in our growth, intentionally designed to bring our companies together, deepen our relationships, and foster innovation. Collaboration and connection are core HEMIC beliefs that define the HEMIC difference. They guide and inspire the way we conduct our work every day and their importance is recognizable throughout our new workspace.

Our new home is a bright, inviting, interactive place created to engage and support our staff and result in more effective, efficient work. With our local heritage as our foundation and inspiration, it was important for us to draw upon authentic Hawaiian culture, values, and sense of place.  

As an investment strategy, the new building adds to HEMIC's diversification and financial stability. It also affords us a unique opportunity to support smaller Hawai‘i businesses by providing rental space in Downtown Honolulu that might not otherwise be available to them. 

We look forward to introducing and welcoming people into our new home. 

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