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Identity Recovery Benefit for Employees

What is Identity Recovery Benefit?

A benefit that can provide resources, services and expense reimbursement for employees who are victims of identity theft.

Identity Recovery insurance can provide access to identity recovery helplines, case management services, and out-of-pocket expense reimbursements to help employees restore their credit to pre-theft status and safeguard their identities. Most people don’t know where to start when their identity is stolen and they can spend countless hours, many months, and thousands of dollars dealing with the fallout. They may need to take time off work and their productivity can suffer. When an employee has their identity stolen, it impacts their employer too. 

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Learn more about HSB’s Identity Recovery Benefit below: 

What types of expenses are covered for reimbursement under HSB’s Identity Recovery Benefit?

Covered expenses are not subject to a deductible and can go up to a $25,000 limit. They include:

  • Lost wages as a result of time away from work
  • Child and eldercare expenses as a result for time away from home
  • Legal fees due to identity theft, including criminal and civil defense
What identity recovery services are provided under HSB’s Identity Recovery Benefit?

The identity recovery services are not subject to a deductible. They include:

  • Toll-free help line with counselors to answer questions and provide information on identity theft loss detection and prevention
  • Access to a professional identity restoration firm which will work with the victim through the entire identity restoration process
  • Case management performed by licensed investigators with experience to dig deeper.
  • The option to use Limited Power of Attorney to act on the victim’s behalf

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