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Pollution Liability

What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Coverage for pollution related or polluting condition claims and the costs of environment clean-up.

Pollution liability covers claims of bodily injury and property damage resulting from a polluting condition, such as hazardous waste. It also covers the environmental clean-up costs. Pollution liability may be excluded from General Liability policies but is a critical coverage for certain industries or professions, such as manufacturers, contractors, and environmental workers. 

Specific policies are available for:

Contractors Pollution Liability

  • Coverage for conditions that arise from a contractor’s operations. There are policies for non-environmental contractors (general contractors and artisans), environmental contractors, and environmental consultants. These businesses’ project owner often require proof of pollution liability coverage.

Products Pollution Liability

  • Provides coverage for conditions that arise from a business’ finished product.

Premises or “Fixed Site” Liability

  • For new and pre-existing pollution conditions of a property or site of a business.


  • Coverage for above and below ground storage tanks, for operations such as airports, auto dealerships, gas stations, convenience stores, manufacturing, municipalities, hospitals and schools.

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