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HEMIC Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Compensation.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Protecting Hawai`i businesses and their workers through safety & risk management, quality medical care, and compensation

When we launched HEMIC over 25 years ago, we were on a mission to provide coverage for the highest-risk businesses in our community. Today, as Hawai‘i’s leading workers’ compensation provider, we are committed to providing superior workplace protection and excellent customer service for every business owner in Hawai‘i, regardless of size or industry. 

Why Choose HEMIC? 

100% local expertise in disability management. Proudly taking care of 6,500+ businesses and 75,000+ workers in Hawai‘i. 

HEMIC also offers these services: 

The Benefits of Bundling

With HEMIC and our subsidiary, EPIC (Employer's Protective Insurance Company), you can place both State-mandated insurances under one roof.

Placing Workers’ Compensation and Temporary Disability Insurance together has unique benefits:

  • Aligns renewal dates to simplify renewals and streamline your administration.
  • Ensures claims are placed where they belong, while claimants receive immediate care and benefits without hassle or delay.
  • All claims benefit from our expertise in disability management, customer service and technology.
  • All claims are handled by our local team in Hawai‘i, so employers and claimants are cared for by adjusters in the same time zone and who understand and appreciate our Hawai‘i cultures.

One-Stop Shop

To make things even easier, we are a “one-stop shop” for customers’ additional commercial insurance needs. 

Through our subsidiary, HIMI (HEMIC Insurance Managers, Inc.), we can offer tailored, cost-effective solutions no matter the size of your  business.

Along with Worker’s Compensation and TDI, you can add on:

  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Cyber Liability 
  • Identity Recovery Benefits 
  • ...and much more

Questions about HEMIC's Workers' Compensation?

How does HEMIC’s Large Deductible Program work?

HEMIC’s Large Deductible Program is available for employers who have the capacity to self-insure a portion of their workers' compensation and would like the benefit of HEMIC’s expertise in claims, safety and risk management services. 

A large deductible program can provide employers with greater control over their workers’ compensation program and greater incentive for risk management and loss prevention, resulting in reduced workers' compensation costs over the long-term. 

HEMIC offers a range of deductible options, from $15,000 to $1,000,000 per occurrence, in line with NCCI’s Rating Values. Optional aggregate limits are also available, to cap the employer’s financial risk. 

How does HEMIC’s Nurse Triage Program work?

HEMIC’s Nurse Triage Program is free-of-charge to our policyholders. We know the first moments when an employee is hurt on the job are critical. However, not every employee or manager knows what to do. Having the immediate support of a triage nurse can make a difference in the outcome, with positive impacts for both the injured worker and the employer.

The triage nurse:

  • Draws on triage algorithms, evidence-based protocols and professional expertise to provide quality guidance to the injured worker
  • Offers medical expertise, clinical experience and critical thinking to assess the work-related injury and recommend the appropriate level of care
  • Makes recommendations for next steps such as first aid, visits to an occupational clinic, a physician, urgent care or the emergency room
  • Assists in completing and filing the Employer’s Report of Injury (WC-1) form

Using HEMIC’s Nurse Triage Program can help to better manage medical care and improve medical outcomes by preventing delays in treatment and ensuring quality care. It can decrease unnecessary costs and result in less time off from work and on temporary disability.

What safety and risk management services do you provide? Is there a charge?

All HEMIC policyholders have value-added, safety services available at no extra cost from our Safety & Risk Management Department. Our Safety consultants can help:

Save Money on Premium

  • With ‘AePay, our pay-as-you-go program
  • Qualify for our Safety Credit Program

Comply with OSHA

  • Develop and customize a workplace safety program based on your industry
  • Provide on-site consultations and walkthroughs including hazard and exposure assessments/surveys
  • Assist with OSHA standards and safety requirements
  • Perform injury and illness trend analysis

Establish Workplace Programs

  • Discuss the value of and assist in developing a Return-to-Work Program
  • Answer questions about drug testing and help institute a Drug-Free Workplace Program

Training, Presentations and Resources

  • Conduct safety training and provide materials specific and relevant to your business
  • Provide Pathway to Safety seminar and webinar series
  • Provide Safety Video Library and Safety Resource Center website

Our goal is to help customers create and maintain a safer workplace and establish a culture of safety. Working together in a meaningful and collaborative way, we can help make safety an integral part of daily business.

How does the ‘AePay “pay-as-you-go” program work?

With ‘AePay, policyholders can easily report payroll and pay as they go.

‘AePay integrates with payroll services, like ADP and QuickBooks, and automatically deducts premium payments from the policyholder’s bank account based on actual payroll wages. This helps manage cashflow and minimizes audit variances at the end of the year. No down payment or deposit is required.

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Covering State-mandated insurances under one roof.

HEMIC was founded over 25 years ago as a mutual insurance company, with the mission to care for Hawai‘i’s businesses and workers. Our day-to-day work is rooted in our core values of excellence, integrity, connection and the belief that what we do matters. All our staff live here in Hawai‘i. We know the people we serve are our ‘ohana, friends and neighbors – and we will go the extra mile to make a difference. We understand Hawai‘i’s workplaces, workers and healthcare system as only locals can.

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“I find HEMIC to be a progressive company who cares about the injured worker and who strives for the ultimate goal of returning injured workers to the work force so they can continue their livelihood providing for themselves and their ‘ohana… I also appreciate the feedback we’ve received from [our Safety & Risk Management consultant]. His observations and recommendations are invaluable.”

Elaine Enokawa

Workers’ Compensation Processor, A-1 A-Lectrician, Inc.
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